Creating an optimal strategy for your estate is more than just managing estate taxes … it’s about organizing your assets so they pass to your family, loved ones or a charity in the manner you wish. It’s about maximizing how much you leave behind, while still ensuring that your financial needs are taken care of for the rest of your life.

We take a very holistic approach to your estate needs. It all starts with your needs and goals. We will outline and document what YOU want to have happen, and then design a strategy to make your wishes reality … and still make sure that your estate is subject to the least amount of taxes possible.

If you have worked with someone in the past, and you THINK your estate is properly structured, it may not be. There have been substantial changes in estates laws and taxes in the last couple of years and your plans may no longer accomplish what you think. Also, it’s possible that your situation has changed dramatically since you last examined this part of your financial picture.